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June 15, 2013

Picking up the sport of triathlon at the age of 12, I quickly realized that I absolutely HAD to have “triathlon glasses”. I remember walking around countless drug stores not understanding that what I thought were “triathlon glasses” were the most infamous pair of sunglasses in our industry, the Oakley M frames. Absolutely all the pros wore them and as a young triathlete, I had to have them. So I bought the $10 imitation ones; they were hot pink. 






All these years later, I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Oakley. What drove me to want to wear Oakley’s when I was 12 was the look; in the later years it was because they are simply the very best eyewear on the market.  My training and racing sunglasses of choice are the Oakley Radars.



The lenses are exceed ANSI standards for safety glasses.  I can’t tell you how many bugs have exploded on those lenses rather than on my face or eyes.  Furthermore, Oakley makes a variety of different lenses for different conditions. This allows you to pick a lens that is optimal for the days lighting conditions. Oakley’s sport specific lenses come equipped with a hydrophobic coating, which prevents water, and sweat from streaking your lenses.  It also allows skin oils and fingerprints to be wiped off easily. 



Oakley offers a variety of frames for men and women, even kids!  They offer and 3 point fit (eyes and each ear).  The frames will absolutely not budge on your face in training or racing thanks to “ear socks” and a rubber nose piece which actually gets grips more when wet!



There are obviously muscles around your eyes that control its movement.  When you’re not wearing the right eyewear these have to start working. Not to mention all the additional muscles in your face that would need to start working to hold up your sunglasses in the case that the are bouncing on face.  Check out your most recent race/ training photos; do you have “scrunchy face”?  Is it because of the effort, or is it simply because your sunglasses are bouncing all over the place?  The 12 year old in me also wants to share with you that these are hands down the coolest, meanest, most intimidating looking pair of sunglasses out there.



All Oakley lenses offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays.  This is very important in protecting your eyes from the suns damaging rays.  You can develop melanoma on your eyes, otherwise known as Ocular Melanoma.  Just as you should shield your skin with Endurance Shield sunscreen, be sure to always protect your eyes with Oakley sunglasses!



I wear contact lenses every day and I also just got my first pair of Oakley prescription eyewear.  They are beautiful.  Yes, ladies and gentleman you can have it all: high quality, high fashion, AND highly cool prescription eyewear.  You can even purchase Oakley sunglasses with your prescription built into the lens.  


Invest in your eyes and wear the right sunglasses in your training and racing.  Check them out at www.oakley.com

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