Keep Up with Alicia

Escape Series Philadelphia

Alicia Kaye
June 29, 2017

Anytime I get to race in Philly it's special because I have a very special relationship with my homestay there whom I met and stayed with for the first time back in 2009.

Our trip started off a little bumpy since our flight was cancelled from Denver to Philly, we would have been rebooked on a flight that would have gotten us in very late that night so instead we booked new tickets on a different airlines. Thank goodness for Jarrod's air miles!

We arrived at Karen and Bob's place, built our bikes, and checked out the bike course all before dinner. Saturday was filled was the usual pre race activities- a little of each sport, race meeting and lots of preparation.  

We woke up on race morning to an email saying that we would not be swimming because the storm the day before had caused the flow of the river to increase in speed tremendously and there were some massive bits of debris floating down the river. It was the right call by race management. So instead of we completed a 2 mile run, 40k bike, 4.2 mile run. I honestly thought the format was pretty good and I wasn't too upset about the change.

The first run was fun! The past two months have been spent working on improving my threshold in both biking and running so I was excited to really get after it. Kaitlin Donner and I pushed the pace and gapped the field in the first run by nearly :30 seconds. I got onto the bike and my legs were screaming- I settled in and could see at the only out and back on the course that there were a pack of girls riding together. I knew I was going to have to ride especially hard to hold them off on my own. As I finished up lap 1 I started to feel better and had added another :15 to my lead. I could see that despite the effort from the race staff to give us a clear course on lap 2 of the bike, there were quite a few age group men ahead of me. They were sportsmanlike, offering words of encouragement and allowing me to pass safely so I could continue to push without interruption. I felt much better on lap two and had extended my lead by another :30.

If was fun to only have to think about running 4.2 miles on the second run. I just completely went for it; I didn't hold anything back.  My legs weren't feeling great but I had tons of motivation out on the course with so many friends and family there to cheer me on. I could see I was extending my lead and pushed hard to the finish line. I always feels great to break the tape!

We watched Karen finish her race, completed awards, had a beautiful brunch with our friends and then packed up the car and headed to the beach!  Jarrod and I had so much fun unwinding for a day and getting to spend time with family. It was SO nice!!

I had a great time but now it's time to recover and get a little bit of sharpening work in before my next race: Boulder Peak!  I'm so excited that this event is back and I'm looking forward to racing it for my first time.

Until then thank you for reading!!